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Roland BAPTISTE Engraving Studio (Belgium)
Roland Baptiste Web Site
18, rue de France
4800 Verviers (Belgium)
Telephone: +32 476 845 560

Engravings by Roland Baptiste on Engraving

Roland Baptiste would like to offer classes for people wanting to learn how to engrave with older and modern techniques.  The tradition of Liege has been characterized by the use of the hammer and graver for centuries in this city.  (The city of Liege has a very famous history of weaponry and many makers are known throughout the world are from Liege.)   Roland offers one of the few possibilities to work with a PalmControl AirGraver in Europe.  Pupils will be taught one on one in order for the training to be more personalized.  Pupils will work under optimal conditions. 

The courses are on a 5 days basis for a sum of 1500€.

Classes will be held from 8:30 am to 5 pm. 
Check at Roland's website for most up to date information, class prices..etc.


There is a nice hotel in the proximity and several restaurants.  Lunch will be provided at Roland's.

Engraving, for Roland Baptiste, is a passion passed on to him by his father.  As a young child Roland was intrigued by the sound of hammer and chisel from his father's engraving workshop.  It was thus quite natural that he would be directed towards studying engraving at the School of Arms manufacture at Liege.  He graduated in 1993 after having refined his talent during years at an occupation which enabled him to unceasingly improve the control of his tools of engraving.  He decided finally to devote his time entirely to the art of engraving.  He was determined to preserve his freedom of expression and creativity which led him to refuse to yield to the constraint of manufacturing in series, even for famous makers.  He preferred to turn to certain arms manufacturers and private individuals with whom he was privileged to be creative when working on projects.  He has worked mainly with contacts from France, Germany and Belgium creating fine weapons to achieve the highest quality which a Master can reach.  The signature of his work is found in the details of his work.  He has been present at various shows  such as Rambouillet, Country Show, Knives in festival with Nontron, Eghezée and Amay.  He has always been pleased to explain the techniques and subtleties of his work.  When you meet, it take a student only a few moments to share his vision of the most beautiful weapons of hunting.







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